Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winterizing with Duct Tape and a Prayer!!!!

Winter is upon me.  The weather report this evening calls for snow in early morning mixed with rain. Oh joy!!! Those of you that know me, know that I HATE, HATE snow.  The days are getting shorter and colder.  I need to winterize my apartment.  Here are my tools:

My winterizing tools
Why are you laughing???  Now I have two windows in the kitchen that are broken and my landlord cannot afford to buy new windows so they wrapped plastic around them.  It was no problem in the summer, but a big problem in the winter.  Solution, a blanket and nailed it to the window (that what the ax is for, no hammer) and then duct tape the bottom, so no cold air comes through (well, almost no air).  So problem solved. In Azerbaijan, most doors and windows do not exactly close shut all the time and when and if they do there is a 1-2 inch gap, now this is where the duct tape comes in.  I tape these gaps and it keeps out the cold air (or at least most of it).  I do have a problem with my front door, the gap is really wide so unless I want to duct tape my self in for the winter, I need another solution.  I asked my son to send me some weather stripping in my next care package (hopefully it will get here before winter is over).  I have some over sized pillows that I have put against the doors, blankets and rugs under the door jams, so that all helps.  I have a PC regulated Big Bertha (AKA the monster) sleeping bag that I have on the couch so when I am on the Internet, I tuck myself in it and I have warmth.  On my bed is a heavy duty quilt (about 5 lbs) and that keeps me warm.  My landlady bought me a small heater that also helps.  I am in between 2 and 3 layers of clothing but it is only at night and early morning right now. So now it is all up to me praying that our winter will be milder than last year.  I am already ahead as last year this time, it had been snowing for 2 weeks.  Thank you God.  Now on the postive side, I only have three months of winter!!! I took some pictures of our fall trees in the park and wanted to share them with you.    Please keep me in your prayers that I will not turn into a Popsicle and pray for NO snow (did I tell you I HATE snow).

Look at this beautiful tree

The leaves on the ground are so colorful

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