Monday, January 7, 2013

Pineapple and Homeless

I had a very productive week off. Since "Mint" adopted me I have been trying to get her neutered because she leaves for hours and days tramping the streets and I don't want her to get pregnant.  I don't think it will be a problem right now, she is young and it is winter.  I need to have this done soon or at least by Spring. I had a meeting with Zaqatala branch of Veterinarian Services but it is not like what we have at home.  This government agency is involve with cattle breeding and disease prevention.  I spoke to them about neutering the homeless animals and the benefit it would have to the community.  They seem very interested in my idea as they do not have any kind of a program like this in Azerbaijan regions even though the country had signed a declaration regarding animal rights. I explained by neutering one female cat or dog there would be over 200 LESS kittens or puppies in that animal's life span (I am being very conservative with the numbers). There is so much more that comes along with that, no aggression, biting, spraying, wailing, to name a few and this would certainly benefit the community. I am going to write a grant for basic cost of neutering, vaccines and emergency medical care. And if necessary a humane way of putting an animal down.  I would like to match Azerbaijan with partners in the US to help launch this program with videos on how to capture strays.  I have a few locals that are willing to help so it will be sustainable.  My goal is to secure a vet, cages, a taxi driver that will transport the animals to the clinic and the medical supplies.  Right now I am waiting on the cost of this from the organization. I will give them a few days, then I will be calling!!

Ohh... the Pineapple (in the title)... My friends at the wedding palace had an engagement party and a WHOLE pineapple was left over, Esmira asked if I liked pineapple and of course I said "yes", so she gave it to me.  I haven't had pineapple since leaving the states.... it was WONDERFUL and ohhhhhh so sweet.

Weather Report.... we are in a heat wave 41 degrees and sunny but by Thursday it will drop 10 degrees with snow showers... Oh joy. I'm putting on another layer!!

Just a reminder about my layers!!!!

Life Challenge: Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms... George Eliot

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