Friday, February 8, 2013

Kindness, Hearts and Frustration

My kindness starts out with the packages from family and friends.  My Christmas tree (a little late, but I can keep it up all year!!) from home. Isn't it AWESOME!!!  Weather stripping, index cards and laminate, scarf, coffee, stickers, videos and chocolate, to name a few things, it was a GREAT CHRISTMAS!!!! Thank you all so very much, those packages means so much to me...
My Christmas Tree and my Gnome

I received an unexpected text this morning from a PCV I don't have much contact with. It was one of those random acts of kindness that I need to do more of to others.  He said "Hey Annette, I just wanted to say that you are wonderful and I will pray that your Friday is full of blessings and love".  How kind was that!!!  I am surely blessed, because I always receive texts at the right time, SKYPES when I am feeling low and packages when I don't think anyone cares. I just want to thank you all again for your friendship, love and your acts of kindness. It truly means a lot to me....

My heart is for these animals here and it has been a frustrating week with this project I have started.  After 6 weeks and constant requesting another meeting with the Director I finally got to meet with him, only to be told by him that I must go to Baku and meet with the Department Head and receive their approval before we could proceed.  So, why wasn't I told about this in our 1st meeting, several weeks ago and when I was at MSC training I could have set up an appointment and had it taken care of.  Now I have to wait until TEFL training at the end of the month.  On a positive note, it gives me more time to write up a business plan and then use this as the basis for my grant.  I am hoping to get this translated into Azerbaijan for better understanding of what I am proposing.

and Frustration.....We are again requested by HQ in DC to complete a living allowance survey and again, I had asked for clarification.  Most of the volunteers are living in host families and the newest volunteers are just settling in so either groups do not know the cost of purchase goods and since most  things are included (e.g. gas, electric, water and food) in the monies that is paid to their host families why would they even want to complete this survey.  For us who are in independent housing, it is a totally different situation and they (HQ) needs 80% participation or the results are invalid.  So, for those of us who actually care about this survey (meaning maybe additional living allowance) it will end up null and void because most of the volunteers that are living with host families will probably not complete it like last year.  When I tried to explain this to our finance manager I was told it (the survey) was complicated...hmm complicated, interesting response. Maybe I am missing something here and I would love to be enlighten, but call me silly,  I honestly can't see it.

Well, God has blessed our weather, in the low 50's in the day.  Only need two (yes) two layers to wear in the morning (high 30's low 40's in the morning) but the sun has been shinning and the mountains are awesome (with snow covering them).  I keep praying to keep the snow in the mountains and so far my prayers have been answered!!!  I only have one more month of winter and it sounds like the east coast back in the states are getting all of our winter weather!! Thank you Lord!!

Life Challenge:  Common sense is not so common....  Voltaire

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